Genius Loci - Gästabud
Gästgivaregården (the Inn) has 4 rooms where you can be served.
These rooms contains memoriees of the history for this place.
Their spiritis and gosts are still present imaginatively in the house together with historical scenery of a genuine “Genius Loci” ­ a spirit of the place.
And the most natural theme of the exhibition in this place is “the Feast”.
The frame and the scenography of the exhibition is the place that is created for inviting guests in, and which is staying always ready for them.
The exhibition as such is expectation of guests ­ one of the most exciting phases of the Feast.
The tablecloth is ironed and spread, the tables are laid with china and service is prepared and arranged and the crystal wine glasses reflects the already lit candles . . .
Moment of quietness before the storm, of worries and anxiety, a second of taking a deep breath before the jump, a moment of transition . . .
The composition of the exhibition consists of five tables covered in 2 rooms.
Each room has its own character and each table also.
They are very different in size and shape, in the expression created by individual choice for furniture and so on.
Each table with its chairs creates a little family with its own identity, own history.
These families watch each other then start a dialogue or discussion complementing or even fighting against each other.
Some very loud in their eccentricity, some very quite in self-contemplation, some extreme in their expression, some understated...
Curator of the exhibition:
Boris Berlin, Komplot Design (Dk)